Baker Richards partners with Sarah Chambers as Associate for Audience Development and Client Engagement

Baker Richards is delighted to announce a new partnership with Sarah Chambers, a distinguished audience strategy specialist with over 25 years of industry experience, as an Associate of the company.

Sarah Chambers, the founder of Sarah Chambers Consulting, brings a wealth of expertise in audience development, CRM, qualitative research, and community consultation to Baker Richards. Her extensive background includes directorial roles at prestigious institutions such as the National Theatre, BFI, RSC, and National Gallery, making her uniquely positioned to drive actionable insights from strategy to implementation.

Working in partnership with Baker Richards has been invigorating. Together, we’ve delivered bespoke segmentation models that provide clients with fresh perspectives on their operations. Our combined efforts ensure that strategies are not only data-driven but also people-focused and practical.

Sarah Chambers

The partnership has already borne fruit with a number of notable clients, including Chatsworth, National Concert Hall Dublin, and Alexandra Palace.

Together, Baker Richards and Sarah Chambers Consulting offer bespoke segmentation models rooted in robust data analysis and enriched by community and public consultation, delivering a holistic approach to audience engagement and growth strategies.

Sarah Chambers, seated outdoors

At Baker Richards, our commitment to delivering tailored solutions for our clients remains resolute and collaborating with Sarah as an Associate marks an exciting milestone in our journey. Sarah’s skills at getting to the heart of an organisation ensures that our strategies are deeply engrained in our clients’ operational fabric, enhancing their practical implementation and impact.

David Reece, Director of Consulting & Deputy CEO at Baker Richards.

The synergy between Baker Richards’ analytical expertise and Sarah Chambers’ audience-centric approach promises to redefine audience engagement strategies for the sector. As the partnership unfolds, both parties look forward to making a lasting impact to their clients’ organisational resilience.

David Reece
David Reece

Deputy CEO David Reece has led our team of consultants and analysts for more than a decade, working with cultural organisations and attractions globally

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