Should Visitor Attractions in Scotland consider Dynamic Pricing?

On Tuesday 14 November 2023, Baker Richards’ CEO Robin Cantrill-Fenwick spoke at the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions (ASVA) and Association for Cultural Enterprises’ jointly-programmed Cultural Connections conference at the Perth Concert Hall.

In a 30 minute session, delegates put Dynamic Pricing on Trial, in a mock court setting. Now the dust has settled and the verdict has been handed down, should visitor attractions in Scotland who are not currently dynamic pricing consider it?

Approaches to pricing: A quick comparison

Ultimately the decision on whether or not to introduce Dynamic Pricing is one you should take care to consider, and you may want to seek external advice before proceeding. In this page, we’ll link to further reading which we hope will assist your thinking:

Dynamic Pricing: Double the Income, or a Double-Edged Sword?

In this blog post for the ticketing and CRM company Spektrix, our CEO weighs up the upsides and downsides, and reflects on how regulators see Dynamic Pricing.

UK Consumer Attitudes to Dynamic Pricing

In 2022, Baker Richards and Convious undertook UK-wide research with visitor-attraction attenders, to explore their attitudes to dynamic pricing.

Are you Pricing Dynamically?

This blog from one of Baker Richards co-founders, Tim Baker, written back in 2017 is a good introduction to the practice and includes a tactical example of how organisations starting out in dynamic pricing can manage updates, using a Pricing Playbook

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Robin Cantrill-Fenwick
Robin Cantrill-Fenwick

Robin is Chief Executive of Baker Richards

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