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Bespoke evidence to underpin collaboration, make a compelling case for support, or bring clarity to in-house business planning and strategic direction. We’re here to help.
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Patron Preference Analysis

A tried and tested research package to understand your market, with insights from your database and the general population. Rapid input to programming and pricing, with a turnaround in as little as six weeks.

Bespoke support

Rich, informative on-and-off database market research, bespoke dashboarding and analytics, integrate data from multiple sources, create audience development strategy.

Join UK Heritage Pulse

Are you a leader in the heritage sector? Join the national research panel managed by Baker Richards and Indigo for national funders and policy makers

Sydney Dance Company

“The work Baker Richards undertook with their Patron Preference Analysis was amazing – it gave us the evidence and confidence based on what our audiences are willing to pay to make bold changes to our pricing strategy and we are nightly huddled over our dashboards looking at ever healthier red lines.”

Case study

Recent research and strategy clients include

Case study

"...our value for money, visitor experience and net promoter scores also all increased, indicating that not only have we welcomed more people, but they’ve had an even better time"

Podcast and case study

Watch: Effective forecasting

From our series of recovery webinars released at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the Baker Richards team offered a crash course in approaches to forecasting future demand.