Universally Accessible: Low prices for price-sensitive audiences

In February 2024, Baker Richards undertook market research with 230 adults in the UK who are in receipt of income-related benefits, to ask them about their awareness and use of ultra-low-price ticket schemes at visitor attractions and in the performing arts.

The research, which included many respondents with income of less than £10,000 per year, revealed an audience of 9-14m people in the UK who are interested and willing to engage with arts, culture and visitor attractions if they have access to an affordable price, awareness of what’s on offer, and are able to overcome related barriers.

Below, a video series which outlines the research in stages, including recommendations for using low-price to engage low-income households.

Part 1: Context. How many people are on low income? How is pricing communication relevant?

Part 2: What is the optimum price point for engaging low-income audiences? What about providing proof of low income?

Part 3: Case studies – What low-price tickets already exist in the market?

Part 4: What might be the future visit intention of this audience? What barriers are in the way? Recommendations for low price points.


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Robin Cantrill-Fenwick
Robin Cantrill-Fenwick

Robin is Chief Executive of Baker Richards

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