Secrets of segmentation for fundraising

Based on our analysis over the years, we’ve put together a simple segmentation model that anyone can adopt and use as an effective fundraising tool – though its uses undoubtedly go beyond simply fundraising. 

The beauty of this model is that it’s behavioural, so the segments are based solely one easy to access transactional data – even in this time of COVID.

There are different forms of segmentation, and behavioural is just one way.  Alternatives include attitudinal or demographic segmentation – but if you already have an extensive database of customers, then the starting point for any segmentation should be your data. This will continue to grow – albeit it a slower rate for the foreseeable future.

A behavioural segmentation is the first building block to which you can add attitudinal and demographic in future, giving you the best of all worlds – a multi-dimensional approach, rooted in customer’s behaviour and enriched with an understanding of their attitudes and motivations. 

Fundraising Segments

We have developed six key segments that most organisations will probably recognise.  From the most engaged over on the left to the least engaged on the right.

Below each segment we have four key criteria which define that segment. Not everyone in that segment must have all of these behaviours, but they are likely to have at least two, probably three of them. 

By using criteria including recency, frequency and value, donation and transaction history, and digital engagement, you can build up the right fundraising segments for your organisation, helping you to focus your resources on the areas of greatest possibility and ensuring you pitch the right message to the right people.

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    Robin Cantrill-Fenwick
    Robin Cantrill-Fenwick

    Robin is Chief Executive of Baker Richards

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