The many roads to recovery

As we emerge from the chaos of the pandemic let’s focus on where we want to go, but remember there’s no single way to get…
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Seat number 5

Socially distanced seating

Socially distanced seating is a subject of much debate in the performing arts industry. Many find the effect on income to make existing models unsustainable.…
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Pulse report: The art of pricing

In analysing the findings from ground-breaking research conducted in partnership with Arts Professional, we ask if there is more to be done to help arts…
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What the Romans did for us…

Visitor attractions are embracing innovative approaches to maximising sales and income. We worked with The Roman Baths, one of the UK’s leading heritage attractions, on…
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Points make prizes

Schemes aimed at generating loyalty need to do more than offer simple discounts. How many arts organisations have schemes as effective as airline loyalty programmes?
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Can less be more?

Making a product or service scarce or exclusive has become an effective way to attract customers in other sectors. How could this work for the…
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Segment your way to success

The right approach to segmentation can drive sales and improve return on investment. We worked with Tennessee Performing Arts Center on a segmentation strategy which…
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