Uplift Earned Income

Embrace entrepreneurship in arts and culture

Approach income generation in new ways

Uplift Earned Income

Uplift Earned Income

Funding streams for arts and culture organisations are under pressure like never before.  Whether your organisation is looking for new approaches to plug a funding gap or seeking to grow your earned income to match your future ambitions, Uplift Earned Income will help you to approach income generation in new ways.

Uplift Earned Income has been created for organisations which are keen to embrace entrepreneurship. Growing earned income can be an exciting opportunity, at the heart of your mission.

Uplift Earned Income is an Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy commissioned programme, funded by Arts Council England.

Create a new earned income strategy
Receive expert coaching
Lead change which lasts
Join a peer group to support each other
Access a library of online earned income courses
Learn how to create a bold new earned income strategy

Develop, diversify, extend or abandon? Set clear priorities for your revenue streams

Create an actionable, realistic plan for delivery

Start out with an innovative experiment, supported by mentors and create a new earned income strategy

Get fired up with ideas for earned income

Experts share the latest practice for earned income from inside and outside the arts and culture sector

What's involved?

Uplift Earned Income is a blended mix of in-person and online learning and action
  • 1
    Pre-course diagnostic

    Diagnose issues and find potential opportunities

  • 2
    2-day residential

    Expert tuition and the freshest perspectives on earned income generation

  • 3
    Post-course group support

    Deeper dives into creating effective earned income strategy, and tackling obstacles and blockers

  • 4
    1:1 Mentoring

    2 follow-up sessions with a dedicated mentor. Turn your plan into action

  • 5
    Keep learning online

    Access to the UK's only online academy dedicated to arts & culture

What will you learn?

  • How to create an earned income strategy which enables real change to the bottom line
  • Your top prospects for growing earned income
  • New approaches to planning, implementation and monitoring
  • How to overcome obstacles and blockers to change
PLUS valuable insights shared peer-to-peer between Uplift Earned Income participants
Course programme

Who should attend?

The programme is suitable for anyone working in a funded arts or culture organisation who is empowered to set priorities and/or influence budgets. In most cases this will mean a member of the senior management team, but all organisations are different. If you would like to discuss beforehand who is best to attend, contact

The course is particularly well-suited to organisations which sell tickets, and throughout the programme relevant content will be provided for organisations of all sizes and budgets.

Got a question?

Give us a call or drop us a message at any time, we will respond as soon as we can.