Director, Consulting & Deputy CEO

David Reece is responsible for business development, developing the company’s consulting offers and ensuring that projects are delivered successfully. Since joining Baker Richards in 2009, he has gained experience leading on hundreds of projects worldwide, including for the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Danish Theatre and English Heritage.

Through a combination of insightful data analysis, innovative primary research and strategic development, David works with organisations to optimise their earned income strategy, bringing teams together to focus on shared objectives. In addition, David also brings to bear his understanding of consumer psychology to inform the communication of recommendations to ensure maximum impact – after all, value not communicated is valueless!

David is a respected conference speaker and author of numerous articles, sharing his expertise on industry trends and economic insights.  He holds an honours degree in History of Art from Cambridge University, and was previously employed as a Data Analyst in the Research & Statistics Department of Birmingham City Council.  He is a father of three, a cycling fan, a keen cineaste and lover of classical music.

David Reece