The Revenue Advantage lies in joining up the three A’s: Admissions, Affiliation, and Ancillary income.

It is important to recognise that, while decisions about each of these three areas are often made independently, the pricing of all three is inherently related.

A Revenue Advantage approach encompasses all of these areas, bringing together data from multiple systems into one analysis.

We help you to choose the pathway that best fits your needs

Admissions or Affiliation
  • Can include:
    On & off-Database Market Research
  • Pricing Analysis & Design
    Donation Analysis
    Customer Behaviour Analysis
    Supporter Scheme Design
Admissions and Affiliation
  • Can include:
    On & off-Database Market Research
  • Pricing Analysis & Design
    Donation Analysis
  • Customer Behaviour Analysis
  • Supporter Scheme Design
    Custom Segmentation
Admissions, Affiliation & Ancillary
  • Can include:
    On & off-Database Market Research
    All of the components of a double-A review, plus integrated analysis of retail, food & beverage, and other sales

Every organisation is unique – we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all solution. Typically our analysis will lead to recommendations including:

  • Assessment of your objectives in the context of our analysis and research findings
  • A single, coherent strategy and proposition in line with your objectives
  • Optimal price points across admissions, affiliation and ancillary
  • Strategic discounting to support social / audience or visitor development objectives
  • Revenue management tactics to maximise yield and volume
  • Deploying or restructuring subscription and loyalty schemes to increase attendance from your most loyal customers
  • Managing the cost of membership benefits to maximise retained income
  • Creating effective ancillary offers in line with different customer demands
  • Modelling of potential returns
  • Presentation of strategy using behavioural economics and consumer psychology to maximum effect

How does it work?

A consultant will work with you through your project, providing continuity and depth of understanding.

As a minimum, we will undertake:

  • An online or in-person discovery workshop with your team to kick off the project.
  • Delivery of an extensive interim report presented (online or where possible in person) to your team, based on detailed analysis of your data – you know your organisation best, and this stage enables us to test our findings.
  • Final report and recommendations, created by members of the Baker Richards consulting team with decades of experience in maximising retained income.
  • Implementation support – many organisations choose to stay engaged with the Baker Richards team during implementation, to interpret and fine tune the execution and results.
  • Custom dashboards help you to monitor the performance of your new earned income strategy.

Following the initial project, we recommend an evaluation which checks the performance of the changes against our forecasts, making recommendations for fine tuning where necessary.