How can you accurately predict the outcome of changes to costs, deals and pricing, modelling a variety of scenarios quickly and in detail?

Can you save Producers and marketers time and help them to generate more advantageous deals and better forecasts?

How can you increase confidence in income forecasts  before performances or tickets for attractions go on sale? 

For more than a decade, Baker Richards has been equipping clients with advanced self-service income modelling tools which are fast to use and accurately handle the real-life complexity of attractions and performing arts venues.

For COVID-19, cost of living crises and beyond

Predicting what’s going to happen in the future is difficult. 

This is especially true for the arts where demand is driven not by necessity as is the case with something like air travel, but by wants and desires. 

So what’s the point in trying to forecast demand for forthcoming events or seasons?  Well, there’s the need to provide annual targets, meet income expectations, direct marketing spend appropriately and communicate with the right audiences. 

Once you have a forecast in place this can be used to inform your tactics (e.g. for deal-making and marketing), and to identify opportunities for revenue management – planning adjustments based on expected sales at key points throughout the sales cycle. 

Many models widely in use in the performing arts and visitor attractions have built-in inaccuracies – they’re unable to cope with the complexities of variable costs, scaling and deals, or to integrate external or historical comparator data. 

Our income models help you to forecast accurately, playing out a variety of planning scenarios before committing to signing a deal, or altering your ticketing system. 

Models enable you to quickly compare competing titles, scaling, pricing and more, pulling in useful baseline comparators. Each model is customised to your auditoria or attraction.

Who are Income Models suitable for?

Producers, programmers and marketers with responsibility for ticketing income in venues and visitor attractions of all size and scales. 

Our models are particularly useful for auditorium-based performing arts organisations, but have been successfully adapted to other sectors including visitor attractions.

What will I get?

A fully support bespoke income modelling tool, accessible in Excel and licensed annually, which will allow you to create commercially advantageous deals and quickly specify ticketing configuration with greater levels of accuracy.