Advantage Dashboards

Designed for and with theatres and concert halls

Rapid insight for programmers and leadership

Supercharged revenue management


Advantage Dashboards equip theatres and concert halls to grow ticketed income

In the modern era of rising costs, theatres are often under tremendous financial pressure. Maintaining the balance between the love for creativity and the necessity for financial sustainability has never been more challenging.

That's why we've created Advantage Dashboards - helping theatres and concert halls to focus on, and grow, revenue while meeting your reporting needs to many and varied stakeholders.

We believe that audience-centered, highly trained humans make the best pricing decisions in the arts. So our philosophy is to equip your team with the best information to make smart decisions.

Designed for

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Accessible analytics help to identify revenue potential
Analyse audience by political boundaries including ward, Local Authority, and Postcode sector
Alerts focus effort on greatest opportunities and risks
Insightful reporting for leadership, boards and producers
Drill-down to phenomenal detail if/when needed
Lifetime updates
Instant season overview

Alerts highlight opportunities and risks in season, recommending new actions daily

Keep on top of targets

Want to compare sales on one show with another which was on sale for much longer? Our charts adapt.

Find out why Bristol Old Vic love Advantage Dashboards

Case Study
Learn more about Advantage Dashboards in action.

Dashboard reports include

  • Season overview
  • Detailed season charts
  • Live productions at-a-glance performance
  • Visual, graphical production overview
  • Hotseat Index™  (2 auditoria included)
  • Ward, mayor, and constituency mapping
  • Detailed data tables when/if you need them
Our platform delivers crucial insights about your ticket sales, audience demographics, and revenue patterns, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to sustain and grow.
  • 1
    Check daily season overview

    Insights and suggestions refreshed every 24 hours

  • 2
    Take action

    Make revenue-boosting changes and inform forecasts

  • 3
    Watch the trends

    Easily step back from the show-by-show, to see what's happening overall

  • 4
    Solo or together

    Use as your main pricing tool, or to enhance the reporting from other systems and products

  • 5
    Demonstrate your impact

    Report to leaders, boards & producers

Easy install

One e-mail to Spektrix support, a seat map, and a call to decide performance exclusions is all it takes

Affordable, with no lock-in

Priced for all scale of venues, the minimum contract period is just three months.

Personal service

A dedicated member of the Baker Richards team provides technical support

Join the early adopters already using Advantage Dashboards

This new service is under continual development, informed and influenced by our early adopters. Join us!

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