Using the Segmentation Engine to supercharge recovery

Covid Segmentation

We have developed a custom Covid segmentation that will divide constituents into pots according to their engagement with you pre- and post-Covid. This allows you to have a clear picture of who has returned, who is yet to, and who is likely to. We can also include a segment that captures any Covid-specific performances – for example distanced or digital productions.

Some ideas of how to use the Covid segmentation

Covid Buyer Future Attender / Future Attender – these constituents have bought tickets since Covid for a show in the future.  Ultimately, the number of people in this segment will be an indication of your recovery.  Keep an eye on numbers as it continues to grow – this is your customer pipeline.

Covid Buyer Returner / Post-Covid Returner – these constituents have attended since Covid. Our research with the Insights Alliance Culture Restart surveys suggests confidence in attending live events again increases once someone has attended. These constituents might be great ambassadors to welcome others back to your venue.

Covid Attender / Covid Online Attender – these constituents attended something you staged during Covid (socially distanced, or online content). The online attender segment will be interesting to look at in terms of maintaining engagement – where are they based? They may not be local to you, so are you planning on continuing your online programme at all? Those local to you may be tempted to visit in person.

Pre-Covid Buyer, Future Attenders – constituents who bought before the pandemic and their shows have been postponed – may be excellent prospects to upsell food and beverage packages before their visit. Make sure not to leave them out of any communications either – they may have relatively ‘old’ bookings but their visit it still upcoming.

Lapsed Frequent – these constituents were frequent in the 2 years before Covid, and are most likely very valuable to you once they return again. Try checking this segment against your contact preferences in Tessitura to ensure they’ve been receiving messages from you.

Lapsed Infrequent – attended 2-3 times in the 2 years before Covid. These constituents are also good prospects for re-engaging, as they have an established relationship with you.

Lapsed Oncer – attended once in the 2 years before Covid, and have not got a future booking with you.

Get in touch with the team to set up your Covid segmentation today.

Using the Cross-Tab Function

The Covid segmentation really comes into its own when used with the cross-tab function. You can overlay the segmentation with your usual custom segmentation to see how each of your segments is responding to your post-Covid offer. Do you need to ensure that your programme includes something for your most valuable segments? Use the cross-tab tool to target your communications really effectively, by segment.

Power up your recovery with the 5 ways of increasing ticket sales

Remember, there are only 5 ways to increase ticket volume:

Use the Segmentation Engine to address the 5 ways to increase sales volume


Pull a list of your ‘new’ bookers since Covid by cross-tabbing the custom Covid segmentation with Number of Bookings. This could be used for further development – via an email campaign – or further analysis.

The CRM Planner allows you to track different segments of constituents, including new bookers. You can set how often this is run, and output lists directly into Tessitura for analysis or mailing. What did these bookers book for? How much have they spent, or donated? The accompanying chart is a useful visual guide to progress.


Target your Lapsed Frequents and Infrequents with tailored communications:

  • Using the cross-tab function, look at which custom segments your lapsed groups fall into and ensure they’re receiving messages about the right types of performances.  
  • Try cross-tabbing with the Price Preference Index to tailor your messaging: ensure your more price-sensitive bookers are informed of the best deals, and consider upselling to less price-sensitive bookers.


Target your Covid Buyer Returners to encourage them to make a new booking. Studies show confidence in Covid measures increases after a visit to a venue, so perhaps encourage word of mouth through these bookers with a ‘recommend a friend’ offer.


Overlaying your Covid segmentation with the Basic segmentation using the cross-tab function will help you identify your most regular bookers. The ‘Multiple-Multiple’ segment is your most valuable to target. Use the cross-tab function to pull a list of your Future Attenders that are also in the Multiple-Multiple segment to encourage them to purchase another event.

Party Size

Cross-tab your Covid Segmentation with maximum party size to identify smaller groups within your Future Attenders to encourage to bring a friend. You could also identify larger group bookers within your lapsed segments to target with group-friendly shows and packages to tempt them back.

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Libby Papakyriacou

Libby specialises in helping performing arts organisations and visitor attractions to achieve their revenue and audience goals, and is our in-house orchestral expert

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