Would more earned income make a difference to your organisation?

AAA UK Theatre

Our UK Theatre course returns in March 2020. ‘AAA: the secret to maximising earned income’ will help you increase your bottom line.

Drawing on Baker Richards’ work with arts organisations around the world, Francesca will help senior managers understand how to maximise income from your B2C earned income stream. Join us to find out how you can make your three ‘A’s work harder:

  • Admissions(ticket sales)
  • Affiliation (donations, membership, subscriptions)
  • Ancillary Sales (food and beverage, merchandise, etc.)

This intensive one-day course will explore the different business models of these three revenue streams and how they can work together to encourage up-selling and cross-selling and improve profitability.

All previous delegates said they would recommend the course to their colleagues:

“The whole course was relevant, exciting, inspiring, stimulating and interesting; we loved it, thank you. It was also very useful attending with a colleague, and we would recommend this to other organisations.”

“It’s great to have [time] with Baker Richards – over the years they have been a great inspiration and, practically, have led to significant increases in income at every venue I have worked at.”

This course takes place in London on 17 March 2020. Find out more, including how to book a place, on the UK Theatre website.

Can’t make the event?

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