Integrating income strategies to hit the bottom line

Debbie and Francesca will be leading a session at the Spektrix conference in November 2019

New ways of thinking, new ways of working

Do arts organisations think about leveraging income streams to maximise the contribution to the bottom line? Or are income-generating strategies siloed, with individual departments focused on their own turnover targets?

This workshop will illustrate the value of adopting a more joined-up approach to maximising B2C income (i.e. income from individual customers) in your organisation, through a mixture of theory and practical case studies.

Debbie and Francesca will explore the inter-relationship between the income generated from Admissions, Affiliation (e.g. memberships, donations) and Ancillary sales (e.g. retail, F&B). They will look at how change in one area can impact income in another and how different business models lend themselves to different strategies.

The conference takes place in London on 15th November. For more information please visit the conference website.

Can’t make the conference?

Read our Insights about the relationship between income streams for arts organisations:

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