Equipping Tessitura Network members for success

Since 2003, more than 750 organisations have worked with Baker Richards directly or in partnership with JCA Arts Marketing. Our clients’ most common objectives are to:

Grow earned income across tickets, secondary spend and loyalty
Increase market penetration or reach new markets, understanding what patrons/visitors want from you
Imagine new futures and alternative business models, based on strategic options and modelling

“The work Baker Richards undertook with their Patron Preference Analysis was amazing – it gave us the evidence and confidence based on what our audiences are willing to pay to make bold changes to our pricing strategy and we are nightly huddled over our dashboards looking at ever healthier red lines.”

Deputy Executive Director, Sydney Dance Company

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    Supercharge recovery with Segmentation Engine

    Our exclusive tool for Tessitura users to dynamically segment audiences is used by performing arts organisations and others across North America, the UK and Europe

    “Baker Richards undertook a nationwide market research project to help us define our charitable membership offer to increase giving, identifying the size and characteristics of the potential market, and the most persuasive messages to tap into that market.
    We are now armed with a thoroughly researched, evidence-based strategy to generate much-needed income from visitors”

    Roger Maslin, CEO, Ocean Conservation Trust