Available to users of Tessitura (v. 15,1 and above), the Revenue Management Application (RMA) v6 works seamlessly with the Tessitura CRM and Tessitura Analytics to supercharge insights and actions.

The RMA allows you to analyse the impact of COVID-19 on your inventory, model a range of scenarios, and plan highly adaptable forecasts of future income.

For COVID-19 and beyond

In the context of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the RMA is an invaluable tool to: 

  • Set and monitor a range of forecast trajectories for scenario planning backed by a monitoring dashboard (accessible in the RMA or integrated into Tessitura Analytics), creating a one-screen overview of dozens of vital metrics to identify instantly the KPIs across your season requiring action.
  • Deep-dive into your available inventory, identifying the characteristics of your remaining seats, triggering dynamic pricing, re-zoning or marketing campaigns based on evidence. 
  • Clearly see the impact of Coronavirus on your audience: create booker churn charts with a few clicks to see clearly the customers who have lapsed, been retained, or newly acquired.
  • Rapidly generate sales reports, enabling continuous monitoring to trigger essential tactical responses
  • Build variable in-season models: Rapidly forecast the impact of pricing changes made in-season
  • Adjust prices dynamically: Use RMA insights to adjust dynamic pricing, sending new prices directly to Tessitura, with no need to re-key data 

Who is the RMA suitable for?

Getting up and running

All RMA clients are provided with technical support for installation, along with setup training delivered by an expert consultant, as well as ongoing usage support, technical support and regular updates. 

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The RMA is used by Tessitura clients around the world to deliver detailed inventory analysis, adjust dynamic pricing, create and monitor multiple forecasts across a season. Its rich reporting integrates directly with Tessitura Analytics.

Francesca is our RMA champion. If you would like to talk to us about your reporting needs, click below to contact a partner – we are always happy to talk.