Donor Discovery

The Donor Discovery segmentation is a deep-dive of your CRM which is tailored to your needs. It identifies the people in your data who are likely to financially support your work.

Common objectives are:

  • Segment current donors by factors including recency, frequency, average donation value or lifetime donation value deciles, tagging individuals for targeting in giving upgrade campaigns
  • Identify prospects for giving based on the characteristics of other donors in your database

Most major CRM and ticketing vendors will support external segmentation and tagging of your supporters – if you’re in doubt, check with us or your supplier first.

Step 1

We meet online or in person to discuss your campaign objectives, setting the scope of the segmentation.

Step 2

We take a secure, GDPR compliant extraction of your CRM data and crunch the data to identify current and prospective supporters and tag them according to your needs

Step 3

We undertake a quality check with you before supplying you with customer IDs which you can apply to your own data (either directly or via your supplier, depending on the system)

Step 4

Your custom segmentation is available for use in campaign execution, and can also be used in future analysis if necessary

New – Smart Segments

Tessitura users can now benefit from Smart Segments – we’ll configure one or more Donor Discovery segmentations which are regularly updated in your constituent data for use in campaigns and Tessitura Analytics

Piece of cake
Discover your next top donors
  • There are no nasty surprises – we charge an agreed fixed fee for the project, based on the scope of the work. Prices are subject to VAT, and flexible payment terms are available.