Segmentation Engine – Royal Shakespeare Company

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) is an early adopter of the Segmentation Engine, one of a number of organisations helping us to define our future vision for this product as they use it.

Becky Loftus, Head of Audience Insight, is using the Segmentation Engine to help the RSC’s marketing team refine their selections for mailing campaigns using criteria that are difficult to access without getting help from a DBA.  Becky uses the the Segmentation Engine to identify appropriate groupings (cohorts) for variables such as average frequency of attendance, average time booked in advance which she can then send back to their Tessitura database as customer ‘tags’ for colleagues to pick up and use in selections.   In one early experiment the team used the Segmentation Engine to identify price sensitive customers for a targeted offer on one show and generated more than double the usual click-thru and open rates.

Becky says:

“It’s early days, but we are very excited by the potential offered by the Segmentation Engine.  We are currently using it to fine-tune selections, which is becoming ever more important as we try to move away from mass email blasts with low open rates, which increase the likelihood of future communications being ignored.  Longer term we are looking forward to using other segmentation variables available in the Segmentation Engine to help develop a more strategic data-driven approach to our CRM”.

The next step is to integrate the RSC’s existing custom segmentation into the Segmentation Engine to allow for immediate analysis and more sophisticated application of closely targeted tactics.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker

Tim Baker is a Non-Executive Director of the Baker Richards Employee Trust, and founded Baker Richards together with Debbie Richards.

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