Smart Segments allow you to focus your efforts on the constituents most likely to engage with your campaign.

Smart Segments Essentials

Essentials include a range of behavioural tags based on attendance, purchase characteristics, and donation characteristics.

With Smart Segments Essentials you can easily target constituents based on any of the following behaviours:

  • Top patrons (based on recency, frequency & monetary value combined)
    • Patrons are broken into deciles – from the top 10% to the bottom 10%, allowing for targeting at any point in the range
  • Price preference – patrons who usually book seats that cost more or less than the average
  • Average annual ticket value / value per booking
  • Average number of weeks in advance the patron books
  • Frequent or infrequent loyalists – regular attenders broken down by frequency
  • Frequent or high value donors – with their average donation values and frequencies

Smart Segments are meaningfully cohorted for your venue, giving you granular control over the level of tagging detail. They are updated dynamically at regular intervals, as new constituents join your CRM or as the behaviour of existing constituents changes.

Which Smart Segments are included?

Smart Segments are available internationally and are billed in US Dollars

Custom Smart Segments

For a small additional fee, we can work with you to build custom segments.

Examples include:

  • Top donors and patrons who have changed behaviour and are at risk of lapsing
  • Drive time from venue
  • Artform crossover (requires artform coding)