Custom segmentations are a powerful building block in strategic campaign planning.

Taking action with a custom segmentation

Segmentations are be rooted in what people are buying or might buy. This can then be overlaid with attitudinal, motivational and demographic information to create and enrich your understanding of your segments (a multi-dimensional approach), informing your marketing, communications and planning.

“The result is not an off-the-shelf, ‘one size fits all’ solution but a bespoke segmentation that is specific to your existing and potential customers, rooted in current and potential behaviour and enriched with attitudinal and demographic overlays.

We can work with you to develop SMART objectives linked to custom segmentations.

Once the segmentation is designed, customers are tagged in the source CRM, for use in targeting, campaigns or reporting. In addition, Tessitura users can request a live, regularly updated custom segmentation to be applied to their data.

Custom segmentations combine and weigh multiple attributes to answer critical questions including:

  • Who are the top prospects for donations, subscriptions or memberships?
  • Which existing regular bookers or supporters are at risk of lapsing?
  • Which bookers are outliers?
  • Which bookers live within a set drivetime?
  • Which bookers cross over to multiple artforms?
  • Which bookers habitually book matinee / evening / weekends?
  • Which bookers are always on the look out for the best deals?
  • Which bookers like to plan in advance?
  • Which bookers are only interested in top price seats?

We work closely with clients to ensure that our custom segmentations support their goals and objectives.