Turn your marketing upside down and adopt a person-centered approach to your business, for sustained improve results over time

Many organisations in the cultural sector talk about customer relationship management (CRM), but very few truly practise it. Marketing still tends to be product-driven rather than customer-driven. This means marketing starts with a show and asks “Who can I get to come to it?”, rather than asking “Who are my customers and what should I offer to increase their engagement with us?”

True CRM means starting with your relationship with your customers and understanding their behaviour. Behavioural segmentation is a way to break down a customer base and understand their relationship with you.

Baker Richards now offers a new approach to managing CRM strategy through behavioural segmentation, using the Segmentation Engine to implement the results.

CRM Essentials

Our CRM Essential service means we take on the heavy lifting to help you put a customer-led approach in place. The CRM Essentials Service includes:

  • Developing a custom audience segmentation, including all the analysis required to design the segmentation and implementation in the Segmentation Engine
  • Segment names/ descriptions (aka ‘pen portraits’) will help embed an organisation-wide understanding of the customer base
  • A comprehensive annual CRM report, using reporting in Segmentation Engine and Tessitura Analytics, with the option of additional specialist reporting based on a full range of data extracted through the Segmentation Engine.
  • The annual CRM report includes a review of the effectiveness of CRM strategy and adjustments to the algorithms that generate the custom segments, as necessary.
  • We will also work with you on setting up coding of data, particularly e.g. performance coding.

CRM 360

For organisations with more complex requirements we offer an enhanced CRM 360 service. All the benefits of Essentials, plus:

  • Multiple Custom Segmentations, such as for subscription and/or membership as well as based on attendance.
  • Working with you to understand the implications of the segmentations, set objectives and develop CRM strategy around the behaviour of your customers/members/donors.
  • We’ll set up performance coding, and even do it for you if you prefer (you’d just need to get someone to import it back into Tessitura).
  • Repertoire scoring (optional). As with performance coding, we can do this for you and it can then be used within a custom segmentation.
  • The ability to call on us to create a custom report whenever you have a complex analysis question.
  • Access to specialist analysis (beyond what can be done in Segmentation Engine/Tessitura Analytics)
  • We’ll update your custom segmentations annually to keep them current and provide the KPIs you need in an annual report derived from the Segmentation Engine and T-Stats / Tessitura Analytics.