Audience and Market Research

Patron-centered strategy starts with high quality research.

Many performing arts organisations are used to balancing big variances in audience profile. Some lean towards inbound tourism, where others aim to grow a loyal local audience.

Have you ever found the results of an in-house survey to be misleading? Or do you suspect that there are patterns in audience behaviour that you can’t identify or prove?

Whatever your objectives, research and segmentation can help. Both can have a significant impact on how you market, price, operate and deepen relationships with your venue, festival or tour.

Audience and market research

Baker Richards works with performing arts organisations to design best-in-class primary research which can assist with:

  • Programming and audience experience
  • Opportunities for commercialisation
  • Market scoping
  • Pricing for revenue maximisation

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Audience and market research provides a bedrock from which to build evidence-based, strategic decisions. 

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