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Performing Arts

Enable your artistic vision and audience development goals by maximising income.

COVID Recovery Programme for the Performing Arts

What could make the biggest difference to your organisation?

Growing earned income

Consider a Triple A approach to revenue management and leadership, or consider Patron Preference Analysis to get rapid data for short-term action.

Improving audience retention and loyalty

Triple A can help you create an effective audience loyalty programme, while Custom Segmentations help to provide actionable insight. Tessitura users can receive ongoing support through CRM 360, Smart Segments or the Segmentation Engine.

Increasing donations

Triple A projects can include sophisticated and evidence driven affiliation schemes which ‘bake in’ giving to an integrated income strategy, while Donor Discovery and Custom Segmentations support individual campaigns and for Tessitura users Smart Segments provide ongoing support.

Understanding audience attitudes and artistic preferences

Consider analysing trends with Triple A, or primary research to explore beyond your data.

Something else

We can help with a wide range of analysis and strategy. Start a conversation to share your thoughts or ask questions.

Culture Restart: Latest Insights

The latest updates from the UK’s national sentiment and intention tracker for culturally engaged audiences and visitors.

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