Patron/Visitor Preference Analysis

This sensitivity analysis reveals patron / visitor willingness to engage with and pay for real-world and digital experiences, helping you to maximise revenue AND engagement.

How willing and able are patrons/visitors to buy real-world tickets or digital experiences? How does this vary based on the different elements of your offer?

Which repertoire/exhibitions will encourage patrons/visitors to attend, or which artists, at what time?

Where is the headroom to increase prices without undermining demand? Should strategic discounts be targeted at certain segments?

Patron Preference Analysis is suitable for performing arts organisations and visitor attractions. It can help you to answer these questions and more, providing specific insight into the real intentions of your audiences or visitors.  

Dive deeper with Patron Preference Analysis

Expert insights tailored to your audience

This research perfectly complements sentiment tracking surveys.

Patron Preference Analysis tells you how willing your audience/visitors are to engage with a range of scenarios, and what they would be willing to pay. It can tell you:

  • Which repertoire/exhibitions are most likely to generate demand
  • Which artists, performers, venues, or experiences are most likely to generate demand
  • How willingness to pay varies by day of week and time of day, or by digital platform

Our approach, using Conjoint Analysis which is famed for its accuracy in predicting consumer responses to hypothetical products and situations, captures the different levels of willingness to pay across different segments of your market, enabling you to design the optimal differentiated offers. 

Quick to get up and running

To ensure you can get up and running quickly, the survey uses a standard framework, populated with specific scenarios relating to your venue or attraction – we’ll guide you through the process of creating the scenarios.

We’ll construct a survey for you to send to your mailing lists, or we can help you to source external lists. We take care of all secure data collection and analysis.

The results of the Patron Preference Analysis are tailored to your situation, and unique to your customer base.

No surprise fees
  • If sending to your mailing list, Patron Preference Analysis is offered at a fixed fee, with no additional costs. Flexible payment terms are available.
Case Study

Using Patron Preference Analysis to assist decision making at a major Australian orchestra

What began as a pricing survey delivered a much wider range of actionable insights

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Patron Preference Analysis is based on an advanced market research method which is usually only available at substantial cost. In recognition of the challenges facing the arts and cultural sector, this research is currently available for a low fixed fee. 

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