Leadership development: Working together to grow earned income

  • How can you align decisions across different departments to ensure that opportunities to maximise income are being identified and activated?
  • How do you avoid a disjointed and reactive response to shifts in the market caused by forces outside of your control?
  • How can you pre-plan for a multitude of opportunities and risks that may arise, while still creating a clear plan your managers and teams? 

Triple A leadership or planning workshops equip your organisation to identify opportunities from joining up areas of earned income. The workshops are effective when used together or separately. 

Triple A leadership

Maximising earned income is an essential part of responding to the Coronavirus crisis.

Our consultants regularly identify unseen opportunities to maximise retained income in organisations, by optimising and joining up offers that exist in different departments or ‘silos’, and by clarifying the profitability / potential for maximum income retention of different services.

Changes need to deliver to the bottom line, not just increase turnover, and that means understanding the relationship between all sources of revenue in order to maximise retained income.

We call this approach Triple A.

This workshop introduces Triple A methodologies to your leadership, and explores some of the opportunities for a Triple A approach in your organisation.

Many client organisations have found it beneficial to gather their leadership around a shared understanding of Triple A, to smooth decision making and align around the common goal of growing retained income.

Suitable for: All senior managers and leaders responsible for earned income in a cultural organisation, venue or visitor attraction.

How long does each workshop take?

Each training workshop consists of a day-long (or two half days to suit your convenience) live and interactive, consultant led training session delivered online or in person where social distancing is possible.

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  • Prices are subject to VAT, and flexible payment terms are available.

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A Triple A approach to income strategy helps to break down silos and create opportunities which are currently out of reach.

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