Responding to Coronavirus COVID-19

Many organisations are facing great logistical and financial challenges as a result of Coronavirus COVID-19. 

Our team are doing all we can to continue to support the sector right now – working with cultural organisations on everything from large scale pricing reviews for those looking to maximise income on reopening to providing one-to-one external advice and validation.  

Every organisation’s path to recovery will be different. Our solutions are designed to maximise your retained income by delivering impact to your bottom line, and provide strategic clarity.  However we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

New: Making a success of Socially Distanced Seating

Pricing in the post COVID-19 market

New: Price Sensitivity Analysis

Test how different consumers segments feel about your upcoming pricing, and rapidly identify your headroom for pricing adjustments

Price Sensitivity Analysis 

Self-service Income Models

Create better deals and increase the accuracy of your revenue forecasts with an income modelling tool capable of handling the complexities of your venue or attraction

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Strategies and tools for maximising income

New: Reopening Revenue Maximisation

Targeted analysis and recommendations for organisations who need to maximise revenue following an interrupted season / financial year.

Reopening Revenue Maximisation 

Research & Analysis

In-depth analysis of your data coupled with primary research and contextual analysis, to generate the greatest the return on investment.

Revenue Management Application

Forecast, track and respond to sales and returns with speed and accuracy

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